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From the life of a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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I would like to summarize my testimony as follows:

I have had witnessing influences in my life through promptings of the Holy Ghost, nurturing love through tender mercies, and special experiences that I hold very special to me. I have not physically seen an angel and I have not gained the faith to move mountains, but I have certainly felt the hand of the Lord in my life. The number of these empowering experiences enable me to stand with my voice and testimony that I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I know that Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. I have felt the influence of His atonement through his forgiving hand and magnifying power. When I pray and live these truths, I feel with every fiber of my being that these things are true. They are simply and beautifully true. His gospel has been restored upon the earth through Joseph Smith, and that authority has been carried down through the last several years till today. We have a living prophet of God who receives revelation for the world, and directs the affairs of the Lord’s only true church upon the face of the earth.

The heart of my witness and testimony is founded upon the rock of my salvation: Jesus Christ. I feel that I’ve been fortunate to achieve a unique, intimate relationship with my Savior that began as I served a mission in France. Beyond the routine life of a missionary in the MTC, I sought a particular goal of my own: to grow my love & relationship with the Savior on a very intimate level. If I was going to be serving Jesus Christ, I certainly wanted to know not only more about Him and the Atonement, but to come to know Him. To really know Him. Scripture study, prayer, and solemn ponderous thoughts (even walking between classes and any time I had idle time) lead me to reach a new level of love for the Savior. I felt he was literally by my side, and this experience of coming to know the Savior was both profoundly important for my mission as well as my entire life afterwards. He still is my personal Savior of whom I feel his enriching love in my life day by day- the foundation of my life.

Here are more testimonies from the living prophets and apostles of our day on Jesus Christ:

There are numerous religions abroad that are incredibly inspiring. I have had the opportunity to study many in general and have found excellent truths taught. Many religions have a significant amount of truth and live by virtuous principles. The people of these great faiths are equally if not more admirable – especially those individuals who serve with an unconditional love and unwavering obedience.

My point is that if it is at all possible that there was once, one true church established by God on earth – should it not be our resolve to do whatever we can to find it? Is it possible that that one true church has continually been restored throughout the dispensations of time? Is it possible that that one true church happens to connect the dots between the ancient prophets of the Bible and prophecies of the latter-days? Is it possible that Jesus Christ was indeed Divine and specifically pointed the way was only through Him?

Oh then, why not do all we can to find the truth!? If we discover anything in this life, is it not worth investing every energy of our being to discover the truth about God? That He loves us, that he has prepared a plan for us to return and live with Him again, and that He established an organized church to guide us home? Is it really God’s intention to see us use our agency in life to continually progress towards becoming like Him – is that why we’re here?

I submit to you that I personally know for myself, I have found the path that leads to eternal life and exaltation in the highest heaven or glory. Not just the path that leads to kind virtues and an honest living as many organized religions of our day do. I’m saying with all the strength and conviction of my soul, that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is God’s only true church upon the face of the earth, full of more knowledge, wisdom, and power than we can find anywhere. Beyond philosophical speculation and interpretation of scripture, this church has the answers. The pure untainted answers directly from God! And not because one man decided it was so, but simply because this church is directly lead by Him who created worlds without number, and who is personally involved in the affairs of man today. His arm is extended, if we will but only humbly heed his beckoning call.

I know this to be true, I would die for it’s cause – but more importantly, I live for this cause.


Written by marshsned

September 11, 2010 at 2:59 am

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